Wednesday, January 23, 2019


  1. We can either include
  2. Or Exclude this particular
  3. Lesson for this term.
  4. You cannot send a Student
  5. Out of the class because
  6. He is dull in one subject,
  7. He may be brilliant in another
  8. Subject.
  9. Do counselling and find out.
  10. When you have severe 
  11. Head-ache, you cannot take
  12. Mild dose of medicine.
  13. Noble people never are mean.
  14. Mighty must not harm
  15. The weak ones.
  16. It is very easy to forget
  17. The loan taken.
  18. You must remember
  19. to pay the loan in time.
  20. What you start,you must
  21. Never stop in the middle.
  22. Efficient people know 
  23. How to save time and energy.
  24. Inefficient always give Excuses.
  25. Stones always sink in the water,
  26. Wooden stick always float.
  27. Allow anyone to have his opinion.
  28. Do not refuse to listen.
  29. Close your mouth  and
  30. Open your ears,if you want
  31. To learn anything.
  32. Visa must be valid to visit
  33. Any country.
  34. You cannot stay there
  35. If your visa expired or invalid.
  36. Same people,some time,
  37. Speak different topics.
  38. Short people try all means 
  39. To be tall,
  40. But Tall people never
  41. Think so.

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