Friday, October 19, 2018

Changing seasons


When men and mountains meet


How many more to come in the clutch of METOO.???

  1.  Elections are coming near.
  2.  Only those who are bereft of natural faculty can stand for elections.
  3. Those who have not thought or have any feelings and emotions those who do not even gaze at the fair sex 
  4. .those who will not think of anything detrimental to the virginity or disturbing can be leaders or office bearers in any party.
  5. Best thing is elect only women not men and let them run the country as virgins
  6.  and no news for the TV channels and media
  7.  there will be no chaos
  8.  and an oath is to be taken by anyone occupying a ny important portfolio
  9.  and office should be conducted
  10.  with CCTV to prove or 
  11. offices must be run in open grounds to avoid this METOO
  12. .Convert all playgrounds as Govt.offices.
  13. Everything will be open with CCTV 
  14. and  the news reporters can attend 
  15. and for LESS PROBLEMS.
  16. India can be saved of its prestige and peace  and culture.
  17. There will be less work for TV to spoil and damage the good name of our Motherland India.
  18. TV channels.Media must concentrate on the news which will build up mutual understanding and spread goodwill and those girls,young women and women as a whole have to go to the police station where it is run by only ladies and complain at once ,sooner and immediately to take action
  19.  and remove such people from the offices.
  20. They must carry the real Evidence and they must not be at any time alone with any official 
  21.  and  they must never visit the homes alone.
  22. All girls, women and ladies working must keep the AUDIO/VIDEO ready in their SMARTPHONE when they meet any official.
  23. What happened 20 years ago,do not advertise now for personal gains and cheap advt. and publicity.
  24. TV channels and Media charge a minimum of Rs.10000/- for showing this news and thus they can make cheap money too.
  25. God save India
  26. .It has many  serious problems to solve in the realms of health,education and infrastructure  and power and agriculture.
  27. TV channels and media  .movies and serials create unity and peace  and progress for the younger generation to lead India which Hon.Abdul kalam and Miss.JJ were dreaming.
  28. Let the HON.P.M. and his team of ministers let them concentrate many serious issues rather than this kind of News.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Interview with Kamalesh and Archana. Zee Tamil SaReGaMaPa little champs

Interview with Kamalesh and Archana. Zee Tamil SaReGaMaPa little champs


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