Wednesday, January 9, 2019

CHANGE FOR THE BETTER( streamline systems in the school)

  1. Arrange to have a bank branch inside your campus/nearer to campus.
  2. Let all the children school fees be routed through this branch.
  3. Including the salaries of the teacher and for the maintenance staff,security etc.,
  4. Keep one nurse fully qualified for any emergency for the health of the students.
  5. Give every child /student identification card and keep the timekeeping machine .Let them punch their card in the machine so roll call in the class can be avoided.Let there be one teacher engaged in turn near the machine to help the youngest students.
  6. Arrange to have a stationery shop/division and keep all the stationery needed for the students or this can be given to a shopkeeper on rent or lease. in side/near the campus.
  7. They must have also all the computer facilities scanning,xeroxing, etc.
  8. Routine workload can be reduced to a greater extent to concentrate on the main things.
  9. school fees if paid in advance for the whole term, a discount can be given to save labor and effort.
  10. A tender can be made for the cloth ,stitching of the uniforms for the students.
  11. A safe  deposit box can be made to keep all the students books,note books and the stationery to keep the not needed ones to be carried home .
  12. Only the homework and the subjects to be read and revised to be taken home.(this will reduce the burden of the child)
  13. All the homework must be done in the extra period and no homework to be carried home.(unless it is incomplete during the period)
  14. Period: subject. read the lesson with comma,colon and full stop.
  15. Show them how to prepare questions from each paragraph.
  16. Ask them to learn the words which they do not know with spellings and meanings to improve their vocabulary.
  17. Complete the lesson in one or two periods.Get the home work done in one more period.No need to do any work at home.
  18. Let them have leisure time to play more, not for watching T.V or for playing the video games.killing,shooting,murdering the precious and valuable time.
  19. TRY to do something BETTER than before to save time,energy and effort.
  20. Wish you all good luck and let the students be better citizens of the world.
  21. You can still think better than me,with your own experience being the  man on the spot and bring in improvements.
  22. Improvements to reduce labor,resources, energy and effort and for better time management  and to concentrate on the constructive side.

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