Monday, January 28, 2019


  1. 1.You have to play with virtual stock exchange like money control,investopedia and ET etc.
  2. Select the stock from Nifty,
  3. Know more about the stock esp.financials ::equity,reserves,current assets, current liabilities retained earnings prices high and low for 52 weeks,
  4. How the company is doing in the markets with other peers, 
  5. what is the opinion of the analysts etc.,
  6.  then and then only invest your little amount through a good reasonable reputed broker who is interested in your welfare.
  7. Ask everyone’s opinion, but do your homework and use your analytical faculty then use your discretion.
  8.  Never fall for suggestions of anyone.
  9. Your hard earned money is involved and is at stake.
  10. Never day trade .
  11. buy hold sell wait have patience.
  12. Unless you have lady luck behind you do not gamble.
  13. Take care of your security.
  14. Dalal street also you can refer
  15. Do paper trading .to start with try with max.four stocks.
  16. Watch daily, then weekly. Find our their historical prices.
  17. wishing you best of luck and best wishes in your stock trading.

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