Friday, January 25, 2019


  1. HCL TechComputers - Software969.4022.952.42131,475.97
    Infibeam AvenueMiscellaneous42.40-2.95-6.502,812.78
    InfosysComputers - Software730.35-1.65-0.23319,064.20
    KPIT TechComputers - Software Medium & Small112.40-16.55-12.833,081.38
    MindtreeComputers - Software886.10-24.30-2.6714,551.01
    Oracle Fin ServComputers - Software3,708.00-88.40-2.3331,797.86
    Tata ElxsiComputers - Software912.80-20.50-2.205,684.59
    TCSComputers - Software1,920.8019.251.01720,758.05
    Tech MahindraComputers - Software729.051.300.1871,541.60
    WiproComputers - Software353.451.700.48
    • 159,939.31
  2. Lowest 42    highest 1920
  11. No one can suggest which stock is good in IT sector.
  12. You have to do your home work with the few links given for ready reference.
  13. How much money you intend to invest, current,medium, short term,long term.???
  14. How much money you are willing to  comfortably lose?
  15. Do you want to do intraday or delivery?
  16. Which brokers would you like to select and on what basis?
  17. Please do not go for the others suggestions.
  18. Never hear or listen anybody who suggests either free or with charges.
  19. Market is decided by demand and supply.
  20. Mostly on how the company performed in the past,how it is now, what future is there.
  21. also equity:reserves. current assets:current liabilities.
  22. Bonus, dividend, retained earnings. etc., 
  23. Yearly high /low prices weekly, monthly,quarterly.etc.
  24. Experts and well informed and those who have more experience can give suggestions .
  25. Even you can follow the Mutual fund investment managers.
  26. Above all do your homework and you only know where  your shoe pinches.
  27. Now the market goes up and down.Some may have lost heavily too.Use your discretion and take the right decision by yourself.
  28. Play virtual game and try your luck.
  29. Money control, ET etc.,virtual stock exchange. etc.,
  30. wish you good luck.

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