Wednesday, January 23, 2019


  1. Know how to manage your time
  2. And money.You will not
  3. Feel sorry for your mismanagement.
  4. Being unaware of what
  5. Is going on around you
  6. Make you one day to realise
  7. you have to be aware
  8. Of everything going on around you.
  9. If you are unskilled today,
  10. Try to get skilled from now,
  11. You can be a good asset.
  12. Cruel any one can be,
  13. Learn to be kind to yourself
  14. And the world in general.
  15. If you leave a catch
  16. You lose the game.
  17. Catch the opportunity
  18. When it knocks 
  19. At your door.
  20. If you are successful in local
  21. You can be successful 
  22. In foreign too.
  23. Real teeth you have thirty two,
  24. False teeth you can have
  25. Only twenty eight.
  26. If you are inactive,
  27. You will be lazy and
  28.  Are prone to illness.
  29. If you are active,
  30. You will have a good life.
  31. Being careless in the class
  32. You will not be able to
  33. Fare well,If you are attentive
  34. You will be happy
  35. You did.
  36. Be careful with your money,
  37. If you want security in life.
  38. Carelessness brings utter 
  39. Dismay and displeasure.
  40. It is  but natural to have
  41. A smile on your face.
  42. Artificial laugh will be
  43. Understood easily by others.
  44. Disowning your own son
  45. Is the worst thing in life.
  46. Gain or loss , both are
  47. In your hands only.
  48. Ii is always wise to be
  49. Silent when you are with
  50. Elders.It is unwise to
  51. Disrespect them.

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