Monday, July 10, 2017

Know Grammar

  1. I have a book.
  2.  This is my book.
  3. This book is mine.
  4. We have a house.
  5. This is our house.
  6.  This house is ours.
  7. You have a car.
  8. This is your car. 
  9. This car is yours.
  10. You have dogs.
  11. These are your dogs.
  12.  These dogs are yours.
  13. He has a son.
  14.  He is his son.
  15.  This son is his.
  16. She has a daughter. 
  17. This is her daughter.
  18. This daughter is hers.
  19. It has a tail.
  20.  It is its tail.
  21.  The tail is its.
  22. They have children. 
  23. These are their children
  24. These children are theirs.
  25. Dasratha is Rama's father.
  26. Kowsalya is Rama's mother.
  27. Kowsalya is Dasaratha's wife.
  28. Wife of Dasaratha is Kowsalya.
  29. Rama's father and Rama's mother are the king and queen of Kosala.
  30. Dasaratha is the king of Kosala kingdom.
  31. Rama's wife is Seetha.
  32. Seetha is Rama's wife.
  33. Bharat, Lakshman, Satrugna are Rama's brothers.
  34. Rama has three brothers. The three brothers are His brothers.
  35. The three chariots are his.
  36. I/my/mine
  37. we /our/ours/
  38. you/your/yours
  39. You/ your/yours
  40. He /his/his
  41. She/ her/hers.
  42. it/its /its/
  43. They/their/theirs.
  44. yours sincerely and not your's sincerely.
  45. your affectionate son/yours affectionately,'
  46. yours truly. yours faithfully,
  47. your dear son/daughter/
  48. Your loving son, Yours lovingly,
  49. Learn and know all these.
  50. This is my pen.That is your book.
  51. This is mine.That book is yours.
  52. These are our cats. Those are your parrots.
  53. India is my country. India is ours. 
  54. We are peace loving people.
  55. We have our own problems to solve.
  56. We have no time or idea to do aggression.
  57. We do not want to extend our nation.
  58. We are happy as we are.
  59. We do not like to invite problems.
  60. We are interested in our development and growth.
  61. We want to remain friendly and we want to Co-exist.
  62. All the world citizens are our brothers and sisters.

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