Sunday, June 18, 2017

Deepak Stories 5th

  2. It was grandmother who decided that we must move to another house
  3. .It was all because of a Pret, mischievous ghost who had been making life intolerable for everyone.
  4. It lived on a  Peepul tree.
  5. Giving trouble to pony of the Tonga to run in different directions. 
  6. Entering the engine of the car or bus and break down.
  7. Knocking of Sahib's hats.
  8. Pret was invisible to the human eyes.
  9. Walking below the peepul tree at night would bring in indigestion.
  10. Jaspal, the tailor of grand mother blamed pret for his delay for not giving anything on time.
  11. For his yawning under the tree, he suffered tummy upsets.
  12. Grand father gave permission to PWD Public works department to cut down the tree to broaden the street.
  13. Having no place to live, Pret started living in their house.
  14. Beginning of the mischief of Pret.
  15. Grand mother. Spectacles left on dressing table, hanging on the snout of the stuffed wild boar on the veranda hall.
  16. disappeared  and then hanging on the parrot;s cage.
  17. He was a very heavy sleeper. Pulling off his be clothes and did not allow him to sleep whole night.

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