Saturday, April 7, 2012

what do you really gain?

  • What do you really gain at the cost of your loving fans?
  • Oh! The Celebrities?
  • Are you true to yourself and to your conscience?
  • You are  well-known,famous persons of India.
  • You are praised all over the world too.
  • You have been made GREAT by your own brethren in good faith.
  • Why do you appear in cheap Advertisements like Soap,toothpaste etc.,?
  • You are saying you use,you used or you will be using some of these products.
  • You suggest your fans and lovers to use them because you recommend  these to them.
  • You already get blessed by Goddess Mahalakshmi in plenty.
  • You are now an Ace actor,an ace sportsman, an ace singer and so on.
  • You are even crowned as a king in your field.
  • Are you not happy with all these?
  • Why do you take your lovers,fans and brethren  who have helped you to achieve your present status for a RIDE?
  • Please don't please don't .THIS IS A SPECIAL REQUEST.
  • Don't make your brethren ,your lovers and your fans
  • A guinea-pig, A scape-goat and put them in a gullible position and in jeopardy?

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